What am I doing? How am I contributing?

Definitely something I ask myself on a daily basis. It’s probably not the best to start a blog with a post titled “Doubts” but I mean, we’re real humans and these are real human feelings, right? I’ve failed a lot in my life and made mistakes and still do, but I have a lot of hope and a lot of heart.

I’m starting this site because it’s so hard and such a battlefield to find queer minded health information, to find sexual health or reproductive resources for trans identified people, cisgender queers or people with chronic mental illnesses/disability or sex workers or cisgender women who don’t want to reproduce or who WANT to reproduce but don’t want to be told HOW by middle aged clueless practitioners looking to make a few $$ off your uterus. We’re not a “speciality”! We’re a part of the population that has needs that are hardly ever met, and we still battle so much fear and injustice when we seek healthcare. I feel like doubt and self-dismissal almost come as a part of being queer or with existing as a human with so many people “othering” you and feeling so out of place. Well, you know, screw that. We’re here, we’re queer, fuck you, give us the resources for wellness!!

I believe really strongly that everyone knows themselves and their bodies best, that providers should trust patients intuition and respect their feelings and that most medical/health knowledge should be publicly disseminated and not kept in a secret box that only nurses/doctors etc. can open. My training as
a nurse doesn’t mean I know more about your body than you do, it only enables me to be a helpful guide and resource in making your own health decisions/reaching your healthiest state.



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