We’re a mix of queer midwives and queer midwifery students with diverse backgrounds in abortion care, anti-violence, birth, fertility and queer health. Rallying hard to put the power of health and wellness back into the hands of patients.

We want to profile what queer and trans folks are doing for our own communities and amplify those voices!

Kaity, Founder


Queer RN working in abortion and anti-violence work, nurse-midwifery and PMH-NP student, cat parent.

You can read more about what I do in these places:





Contact: queeringmidwifery@gmail.com




One thought on “About

  1. Cool please see my page Sowing Circle on fb it’s my seed sharing to pay forward from the earth to a cause of choice. Im also connecting with people in Chicago to reconnect body work services namely for hiv care but any low income patients. I’m looking to tap the sap of the blowing up yoga hokictic care field here but it’s so expensive!! I’m asking around to practionets to donate a service a month to a cause of choice. Also a job he ficus of my works is in barter. Most people have a work ethic and we all have needs and talents. Atleast in Chicago it’s gotten so pricey from war profiteering Nazi nutters. Soooo seeing how the gay community had hiv services military precision before all the funding cuts and etc….hope we can chat!!


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